Supamark™ 2200 T Hand Iron
Price: $169.50


A simple and durable industrial quality hand iron with built in temperature control.


  • Smooth base with no steam holes
  • Temperature range: 210°F to 410°F
  • 110v/120v AC - 1200 watts
  • Base is 4.4" x 8"   3.6Lbs.

Supamark™ Heat Transfers can be applied with high-speed automatic equipment or with a simple hand stamping iron.  Automatic application equipment uses a pneumatic system to press the transfer to the fabric using a heated head.  They apply a controlled amount of

pressure for a controlled dwell time then move up and advance the roll (using an eyemark) to the next transfer. 


These systems can also be equipped with turntables and other devices that will advance the part to be printed under the head for a truly automated high speed production system.


Hand irons such as our Supamark™ 2200T will also provide an excellent application for Supamark™ Heat Transfers.  You simply lay the transfer in place ink side down and press with the iron, quickly remove the paper and you are finished.




















We can provide the roll layout, orientation and winding needed to conform to your production set up and equipment.