Superior Trademark Inc. has been manufacturing high quality Supamark™ Heat Transfers since 1929.  Quality is the cornerstone of our company, from our customer service & administrative departments right through prepress, ink making, printing, testing and shipping.  The Superior Trademark Inc. Team prides itself on quality and meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.


Our Supamark™ Heat Transfers are fast and easy to apply and provide an attractive and durable print on a wide variety of fabrics and leather.








Our customers use Supamark™ Heat Transfers to Label and
Decorate many different products and textiles including:


canvas_bag_4 draw_bag_1
  1. Gloves
  2. Flannel Cloths & Bags
  3. Shoe Insoles
  4. T-Shirts & Caps
  5. Polishing Cloths
  6. Dust Cloths
  7. Gun Cleaning Cloths
  8. Jewelry & Silverware Bags
  1. Tennis Balls
  2. Furniture Linings
  3. Sheets & Towels
  4. Heating Pad Covers
  5. Canvas
  6. Nylon
  7. Flags
  8. Military Gloves and Tents

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Supamark™ heat transfers comply with U.S. Federal Military specifications;

DDD-L-20 Label: For Clothing, Equipage, and Tentage (General Use)

DTL-32075 Type III

Berry Amendment Compliant


These labels are used as follows per the specification:products_image


  • Identification label for garments
  • Size label for garments
  • Instruction label for garments
  • Combination identification and size label for
    headwear, neckwear and handware
  • Identification label for equipage
  • Identification label for tentage
  • Instruction label for tentage
  • Identification label for paulins and covers
  • Special markings
  • Personal identification label
  • Combination size, identification and instruction labels for garments


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